If you’re new to the programming world, then learning Git should be something on top of your priority list.

Git is one such tool which you will encounter on a day-to-day basis as part of your job.

In this post, I’ll provide an overview of Git and how to get…

Big Data has been buzzing around for quite some time, but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. In this post, I would try my best to explain Big Data in the simplest way I can.

Big Data refers to a huge volume of data, that cannot be stored…

Whenever you plan to start a new website or a new business venture, one of the most challenging and time-consuming task is to find a brandable and catchy domain name for your website.

In this post, I would not only show you how to find a brandable and catchy domain…

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Whether you are planning to start your career in DevOps, or you are already into it, if you do not have Docker listed on your resume, it’s undoubtedly time for you to think about it, as Docker is one of the critical skill for anyone who is into DevOps arena.


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